AP Computer Science Principles - Lesson Plans

Each bulleted item is a Lesson with a summary, learning objectives, course material (readings and video lectures), suggested in-class activities, a conceptual assessment (quiz), and a practical assessment (assignment). Weeks 1-30 cover material that is required by the College Board for the AP Computer Science Principles test. Week 31 is devoted to review for the test and taking it. The remainder of the year is up to the teacher. Our primary lesson plan uses this time to introduce object-oriented programming (which is not required in AP CSP) as preparation for a next programming course in an OO language such as Java. We also include optional material for the teacher to introduce app programming (using MIT's App Inventor) or Python programming (particularly good for use in science) instead of the object-oriented coverage.

Data Representation

Computational Artifacts

Computing Systems

Data Identification, Collection, & Analysis

Web Programming

Javascript Programming


Programming Project

AP Test

More Javascript Programming

Optional - App Programming

Optional - Python Programming